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1 someone who torments [syn: tormenter, persecutor]
2 a flat at each side of the stage to prevent the audience from seeing into the wings [syn: tormenter, teaser]

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  1. Someone who torments


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Tormentor is a Hungarian black metal band which was formed in 1987. The band split up in 1991 but became active again in 1999.

Current members

Former members

  • Szigeti Attila - Guitars
  • Farkas György - Bass (Watch My Dying)
  • Dubecz Márton - Drums
  • Budai Tamás - Guitars


  • 7th Day Of Doom (demo, 1988)
  • Anno Domini (album,1988)
  • Black And Speed Metál (split album 1989)
  • Recipe Ferrum! 777 (album, 2001)
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act drop, annoyer, asbestos, asbestos board, backdrop, badgerer, batten, border, bully, cloth, coulisse, counterweight, curtain, curtain board, cyclorama, decor, drop, drop curtain, fire curtain, flat, flipper, hanging, harasser, harrier, heckler, nag, nudnik, nudzh, persecutor, pest, pesterer, plaguer, rag, sadist, scene, scenery, screen, side scene, stage screw, tab, tableau, tease, teaser, torment, transformation, transformation scene, wing, wingcut, woodcut
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